Custom Database Development

Building a database backed web site does not only requires understanding of database systems like MySql but it also requires a complete understanding of the particular needs of the client.

Taking care of your data is most important as it forms the foundation of your business. Custom developed database solutions from us ensure a smooth and successful business.

When do I need a database program?

Following are few indications when you should be looking to have a custom database program developed.

  • You want a membership enabled web site.
  • You want to offer a secure area for your customers to access their private documents.
  • You want an e commerce web site.
  • You have complex processes setup for your staff to follow.
  • You want to collect, store and do reporting on your business performance.

Which database do you use?

We mostly use the free and popular MySql database wich is open source. MySql powers some of the worlds largest web sites and is a reliable choice for your database needs.

Can I get a quote?

Sure, contact us using the form below and we'll get back to you. After reviewing your specific business needs we'll quote a cost and time frame. This process is entirely free and easy. Drop us a line today to discuss more about your custom database needs.

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My name is Nirandas Thavorath. I develop custom online systems for businesses meeting their complex requirements with modern technology.

I'm the co founder of Thavorath Systems a web and mobile development agency based out of Kannur, Kerala India. We at Thavorath Systems have a wide variaty of customers from start ups to large internet businesses, from product companies to individuals looking for web sites.

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